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MbtaLoc Pro


Get the real-time predictions of Bus, Subway and Commuter rail for Boston metro and Greater Boston Area. It includes the predicted arrival times along with real-time locations embedded on Google maps with traffic information. Looking at the predicted time, the location will give you an idea when the bus, train or commuter rail would arrive at the station. No more waiting in the winter cold waiting for a bus that is stuck in traffic.
Features:Real time arrival times for a route at a particular stop- Shows the estimated arrival time at a particular time. - Option to bookmark your usual stops- Customize your bookmark with an image of the route (Helps in recognizing your stop quickly in your favorites)- Click a pic of your house and mark your home routes.
Real time locations overlayed on Google maps along with the user's current location- Shows the current direction and the time since the bus or train reported its last known location (typically 30-40 seconds)- Shows the bus or train route so that you get a clear idea of where the bus is heading. - Added ability to recognize the direction of buses/trains directly from the image.
- Intuitive UI for a comfortable user experience. - Also a bus map containing all bus routes along with the stops is provided.
Instructions: - Navigate to your preferred form of transportation through the menus. - Bookmark your stop for a route in a certain direction. - Also customize your bookmark by picking an image from your photo gallery.
Any feedback and bug reports is much appreciated (option available in the settings of the app). Thanks.
Note: All the data about the buses are provided by MBTA feeds.(Usage time/activity is collected anonymously for enhancing user experience - Google Analytics)